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Looking for a business-savvy speaker who has more to offer than just words? I help rising stars prioritize their purpose and empower them with tools to dominate their call to excellence.

My primary speaking topics can be adapted for your organization or event.



Developing your personal brand is essential to becoming more valuable to your organization and yet, many people feel uncomfortable at the thought of promoting themselves, so they assume a more passive role in the workplace.

Fortunately, there are many simple ways that you can become more visible and valuable, even if you are not naturally outgoing. I'll help you take a stand for yourself by defining your value. In this session I discuss:

  • How to find and define your niche and what happens when it's neglected
  • Myths that keep us confused or complacent
  • How to establish your presence as both credible and influential


A SEAT AT THE TABLE - DEMONSTRATING YOUR VALUE Today, being good at what you do isn't the only requisite for getting ahead in your career. If key people aren't aware of you, you'll likely miss out on opportunities to improve your skills and take on interesting assignments, despite your hard work and good performance. It's not only what you know that matters – it's who you know, too. I'll help you find a seat a the table, but demonstrating your value. In this session I discuss:​​

  • Building your network and your net worth by creating opportunities to be heard
  • Effective ways to gain visibility in your organization and in your industry
  • Key areas to enhance your personal brand as a resident authority
  • Increasing your social capital by gaining clarity on your value and offering it in a genuine and unique way


I’ll come to you with an interactive team-building discussion, tailored for your organization, to help make you and your colleagues or employees into brand ambassadors. Your team will be primed and ready to land those highly-esteemed role or secure their rightful positions in the executive pipeline. If executive presence has been a barrier, it no longer will be! Get your team on the cusp of achieving optimal results in their careers by way of this workshop.

  • Impression Management and Self-Presentation
  • Positioning and Unique Selling Proposition
  • Packaging through Appearance
  • Packaging through Brand Identity
  • Packaging through with Messaging
  • High Visibility vs. Low Visibility Tactics
  • The Power of Social Proof

Because I believe a rising tide lifts all boats, I share my knowledge, passion, and persistence to help those with a vision and purpose develop plans for success. Reach out to me if you have something new in mind!

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