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Tiffany has amassed the content from her mentoring sessions, one-on-one coaching calls, and presentations, and combined them to form Live Lux Group, a conglomerate of professional development resources for rising stars, specialists, and entrepreneurs seeking to boost their credibility, grow their exposure and reach their goals with a professional brand that’s strategic, meaningful, and memorable.


A free guide to requesting (and receiving) the raise you deserve.

Asking a manager for a raise can be so nerve-racking that some people who are truly deserving of one may wait for months or even years before asking. The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a raise that reflects the hard work you do. Even though your manager may have data on the hard work you’ve been doing, you still need to present your case for why you deserve a raise and you need to be prepared to do so.

This guide will cover: preparing to ask for a raise, the best times to ask for a raise, things you should consider when positioning yourself, the right questions to ask, and negotiating with your manager if your plans don’t meet with complete success. 

Get the credit you deserve using my comprehensive, three-tiered approach to help driven professionals like you take your career to the next level!



Developing your personal brand is essential to becoming more valuable to your organization or your industry. Fortunately, there are many straightforward ways to become more visible and valuable, even if you are not naturally outgoing.

Join me for my Masterclass, Mission: Aspire where I give you three ways to prove and improve your value at work and in life.


You feel uncomfortable at the thought of promoting yourself within professional settings.


There are myths that keep you 
confused and complacent, hindering you from establishing your presence.


You haven't found your niche or tend to suppress your talent and assume a passive role at your workplace.


There are things you can do right now, for free, to start demonstrating your value with my LIVE 'LUX' method.

Want to achieve success through self-discovery and empowerment?!

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